Online Counselling


On-line Counselling

After completing a comprehensive training program in ‘Cybercounselling’ through the University of Toronto, Sue is also providing On-line counselling services using state of the art “privacemail” software for secure-encrypted e-mail and chat exchanges.

Sue is skilled and experienced in listening and responding to her clients needs using traditional counselling techniques as well as offering the options of incorporating expressive arts processes, Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music, and the MARI assessment tool.

Sue supports you in accessing your own unique inner resources which will enable you to experience….

  • Greater awareness and increased self acceptance
  • An expanded sense of connection and acceptance of others
  • Liberating “shifts” in your perception, attitudes and beliefs
  • An increased ability to trust in the process of your unique life journey
  • Unearthing of your latent passions and soul longings
  • Finding a spot of light in the seeming darkness


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