Advantages of Online Counselling


girl on dockOnline counselling offers you a confidential and flexible way to work with your concerns with a professional Counsellor in the comfort of your own home, office or favorite place in nature with your laptop.

Online Counselling (also known as cybercounselling or e-mail therapy) offers you a unique way of working with a professional Counsellor.

I use a very secure e-mail service known as “privacemail“.  All e-mail exchanges are confidential and so you don’t have to ever worry about anyone reading your private information even if you share your computer!  Privacemail uses something called encryption which scrambles all of the exchanges so it is impossible to read by anyone but you because you have a special password.  Privacemail assures you that no one else besides you and I can have access to our sessions and it ensures the same level of security and privacy as online banking services. This allows you the freedom to anonymously express yourself honestly and fully. 


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ADVANTAGES OF ONLINE COUNSELLING                                                                   girl in bed using her laptop

  • Easy access involving no travel time
  • No need to take time off from work if you have a full schedule
  • It offers a solution if you are housebound or disabled in any way
  • It is right at your finger tips even if you live in a rural location
  • Convenient to have counselling any time and from any place you choose
  • Flexible- you control the pace of the process and e-mail exchanges
  • Anonymity is protected, encrypted- private  



  • Easier to “talk” about embarrassing or difficult issues which can often make the process feel safer than working with a Counsellor in person.
  • Enables you to get to the root of an issue quickly– writing helps to get you in touch with your feelingsword circle
  • You have permanent written records verbatim of our sessions that you can read and re-read.
  • It is similar to a journaling process with the advantage of having feedback that is non- judgmental and helpful from a professional Counsellor who is trained and certified in *Cybercounselling principles
  • Your process can take place over a few days or even weeks. Taking the desired time needed before you respond, enabling you to read, write, stop, reflect, edit, and write again. This format allows a deeper exploration if you so choose. Share in depth, at your own pace and in your own way without interruption.
  • You will receive helpful responses along with questions and suggestions, and reading materials designed to provoke thought and that often awaken buried feelings, allowing you to go deeper into your issue or concern.  This optional homework will help you integrate your experience.

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