Expressive Arts


The Expressive Arts involves letting go into a creative process .  We use our thoughts and feelings around our issue or concern to express itself through art.

We can draw, paint, make a collage or sculpt with clay!

We can sing, tone, and maybe groan and/or allow ourselves to express through movement and dance.   We can write a story or a poem.

Engaging in a creative process (without thinking) is liberating.  It sheds light on our issues in a way that helps us to feel safe and trust ourselves.   We often have the experience of seeing & feeling things in a new way!

chakra dancer

One such way is through Guided Imagery & Music (GIM) involves seeing and feeling imagery as we listen to music.

Using the MARI cards helps us to discover things about ourselves by selecting image cards and color cards.

keyhole light




  • Sue acknowledges the creative spirit in everyone and she has facilitated hundreds of workshops and groups using expressive arts to stimulate the imagination and to access inner thoughts & feelings
  • Selected themes provide opportunities for participants to explore their issues using the expressive arts.
  • Our Focus is on the process of art making rather than the final product, the approach is intuitive rather than pre-planned.
  • No artistic talent or experience is necessary; only a willingness to be curious and explore!
  • Workshops for small groups are offered throughout the year or you can request a custom workshop for your group or family.
  • The expressive arts offer a unique way of unleashing the creative flow and facilitating personal growth
  • Sue provides a safe & confidential environment for the participants involved.
  • There are opportunites for learning compassion for ourselves and others.
  • See events for upcoming workshops.



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