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Sue Mistretta, M.A. has been providing counselling services for adults and youth (16+) for the past 19 years.  In 2000, Sue and Larry Zaleski, D.C.(Chiropractor) , moved to the Slocan Valley from the east coast of the USA.  Together they created the Hand and Soul Wellness Center in Silverton, B.C. and Sue began her Soulgarden business in 2001. Through Soulgarden, Sue provides counselling, groups, and workshops.

Since 2015, she has been offering her counselling services once or twice per month in Winlaw at Emery’s Herbals Healing Suites.

Sue is excited to announce that she is now offering Online Counselling.


Sue Mistretta is experienced in the art of listening and responding to her clients needs.  Using “traditional” counselling approaches she been influenced by Cognitive, Humanistic, Spiritually based, and Expressive Arts Therapies.   Some of her clients choose the options of using art materials in the Soulgarden studio, or listening to music in a deeply relaxed state known as GIM in a session.  Others like to work with the MARI assessment and insight tool.   These approaches help to get to the root of our issues and often provide some very helpful insights.

Are you……

  • Feeling anxious or depressed?
  • Grieving after losing someone or something important to you?
  • In a major life transition?
  • Struggling in your relationship(s)?
  • Seeking a new life direction
  • Wanting to be more authentic
  • Feeling stuck in a rut
  • Looking for deeper meaning in your life?
  • Feeling kind of lost?

Whatever your concerns and goals in counselling are, Sue will be there to support you through your process and some of the things you may find are……..

  • Increased acceptance of yourself and others
  • Discovering the resources and answers that live within you
  • “Shifts” in your perception with new ways of seeing things
  • An increased ability to trust in the process of YOUR life journey
  • Discovering your creativity and passion
  • A way through when it feels impossible
  • More experiences of compassion and forgiveness

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