Soulgarden Studio

Our Inner Garden is a place where we can tend the garden of our soul

plant in hand-dirt 2

Our inner gardens need attention and care.  We need to supply our seedlings with rich soil, plenty of light, water, nutrition, and lots of space to flourish!  Weeds are pulled, composed and recycled as building blocks for personal growth and spiritual wakening.                

Our Soulgarden is a place to discover our authenticity and creativity.  We can also experience a deeper connection to our lives.


                                                                                                            SOULGARDEN STUDIO

chakra dancer

 is equipped with a variety of artistic media for self expression and discovery!

  • Luscious paints –both acrylic and watercolour to create images
  • Colourful oil and chalk pastels…….coloured pencils ….charcoal-sketch- draw
  • Sculpt with clay- feel the earth
  • Create a mask –express an unseen side
  • Express through collage with magazines.. cards…images… lots of multimedia tidbits such as shells and natural materials found in nature



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