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“I have had  the privilege to experience Sue’s skills as an art therapist with my family, which was a great lead in for my personal counseling with her.  I found her gentle nature, calming and soon realized she had a strength to her that had proven to be reassuring as she set a safe platform for me to do some deep emotional work.  I believe that my experience with her has guided me toward a more calm, self assured person that has helped strengthen my relationships with family and friends.  Sue has a great work ethic along with a wealth of knowledge & experience to offer you,  I highly recommend her.”  TR


“I have been to several of Sue Mistretta’s Expressive Art workshops, and always benefited from going.  Sue is very  experienced and the workshops are always smoothly run and enjoyable.  She asks useful questions to explore the meaning of one’s art work, always sensitive to any needs  of privacy her students may have.  I have always felt that an emotional movement has occurred in myself by the end of the session”.   KN                                                                                                                                                           

“Guided Imagery and Music under the guidance of Sue Mistretta was very effective in reducing anxieties that had caused misery for me for years.  The skilled use of music under her guidance helped me access and understand root causes.  That resulted in meaningful insight and it was a great relief.  The sessions I had with her continue to allow my days to be pleasantly free from fear”.   HW

“I have known Sue Mistretta for over 15 years and have been to many of her expressive arts workshops.  I find her to be organized, enthusiastic, energetic, intuitive and compassionate, all these qualities making her an excellent leader of her workshops.  Taking part in these healing sessions has also inspired me to get involved in my own creative painting process, which has developed into a source of much satisfaction and happiness”.                 Leela Kapel  2016                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
“Each time I have a card session with Sue I really enjoy how insightful her thoughts on my card choices are. The way she interprets the material, with her grounded and straight forward way, is helpful for me. I love the way her system combines the science of psychology with the feeling of magic you get from a more metaphysical card reading. It’s like having a Tarot reading based, not on the luck of the draw, but rather from actual choices you make with the symbols and colours. Sue observes your choices through a kind and supportive lens. I love it!” PF




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