Upcoming Expressive Arts Workshops in Nov & Dec 2016

                                                    HEALING THROUGH ART & IMAGERY


Join me in the Soulgarden Studio and explore mind/body healing or find balance and direction using expressive arts processes including painting with acrylics, oil pastels, clay, mask making, collage, creative writing, movement and sound.  Working with images that emerge through creative processes provide powerful opportunities for listening more deeply to ourselves, finding compassion, and discovering new perspectives within our challenging situations.  

A small group (max 6) form a circle of healing, safety, and confidentiality and you will have the opportunity to work on your own personal area of focus or health issue whether it involves a physical, emotional, transitional or spiritual challenge.  The 3-hr session includes plenty of time for you to create and express as well as time for group sharing & support.   No artistic experience is needed, only the willingness to explore.  No worries….the focus is always on the process rather than the product. 

Creating Mandala’s  (1 Day Workshop)

                   Nov 16   (10-1pm)     $25     

In this expressive arts workshop we will create a healing circle and work with the process of making individual Mandalas (circle art) using acrylic paint and oil pastels.  I introduce simple focusing processes to allow participants to set intentions for healing as well as stimulating natural imagery to come forth through the art.   Come to this workshop if you are curious about the group series and want a taste of how I work.

Healing Through Art & Imagery (3 week Series)

            Nov 23, 30, & Dec 7        (10-1pm)         $75 ($70 if pd by 11/ 10)

The session format for the 3 week series is similar as described above but you will have the opportunity to go deeper into your processes and build a stronger connection as a group.  Different media and many stimulating expressive arts processes will be used in the 3 sessions.

Sue Mistretta has a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology and extensive training in Expressive Arts Therapy.  She has been facilitating workshops and working with individuals since 1997. Workshops are held at Hand and Soul Wellness Centre in Silverton, B.C.   To register call 250-358-2177 or email Soulgarden58@gmail.com.  Visit www.Handandsoul.ca


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