How does Online Counselling work?


sue-smA “SESSION” consists of one cycle of e-mail exchanges initiated by you and completed by my response sent back to you.


Phone Sue at 250-358-2177 (ext 2) for a FREE 15 min consultation


The following directions outline the process if you choose to continue.  All steps are prompted as you go.


  1. I recommend that you find a private and secure place when you decide to register
  2. You will be directed to my secure site to
  3. Register, select your user name and password, answer questions, read the” client consent andterms of use” forms  If you agree, tic the boxes. (record your username and PW)
  4. Set up your secure privacEmail account and send me your encrypted e-mail message. Take time to be thorough, detailed and clear while you share your issues and concerns with me.
  5. You will be prompted to pay by paypal.  Please pick the best option for you.
  6. Find Resources on log-in page. Please take some time to review them.
  7. I will be notified of payment and will find your e-mail in my secure box.
  8. My responses will be within 3 business days (excluding holidays)
  9. I will spend at least 1 hour to carefully read your e-mail, reflect on what you are saying and respond to you with a secure e-mail sent to your privacemail account.
  10. You will be notified through your regular e-mail that my response is in your privacemail account and you will be prompted log in to privacemail with your user name and password.
  11. Take time in a private secure location where you have atleast an hour to read and reflect on my response to you. This is considered session time for you.
  12.  If you desire another session, respond back to me by inserting within the paragraphs (as directed) & as I have done with you.  (NOTE: you can save as you type and keep working on it for as long as you like), when and if you are ready to initiate another session then pay via paypal and send.


You may contact me at my regular e-mail for a quick question but remember that it wont be secure so be mindful of what you are saying to me.

holding handsregister and pay 








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