Writing for Health and Wellbeing


Writing can be very therapeutic and a quite a helpful tool to work things out. Journaling provides a way to sit down and be with yourself and just write, get your thoughts and feelings down on paper or into your computer. It is your private time where you can simply express yourself in an uncensored way. It often helps to clear the mind of clutter and provides a framework to work out difficult feelings, conflicting thoughts, and challenging situations.

E-mail therapy, online counselling or also known as cybercounselling,  is a way to utilize the power of writing for the purposes of health and wellbeing. By using suemistretta.privacemail.com you can anonymously share your feelings and thoughts about your life situations in a journaling format and I will listen without judgement and respond to your words and inquiries. My responses will assure you that you are heard, I aim to make inquires which can deepen your own awareness about yourself and to help you to possibly see your situation in a different light. It is not uncommon that we can get stuck going around and around in circles with ourselves and so having the input of an objective person who is professionally trained can help us to sort out the areas where we get stuck.

Through suemistretta.privacemail.com,  I offer a secure and confidential format for my clients.  Like the security of online banking, “PrivacEmail” provides a way to discuss deeply personal and confidential issues in a totally secure way by working with software that encrypts all information written with password protection.  To find out about my credentials, please visit www.handandsoul.ca

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