Chiropractic Care

Larry Zaleski, DC offering the finest in chiropractic care in Silverton, New Denver, Winlaw and Nakusp.


Sue Mistretta, M.A. offers the very best in therapy and artistic expression in her studio at Hand and Soul in Silverton

Online Counselling

Sue Mistretta M.A. Online counselling to fit your busy life style

A World of Wellness...

Hand and Soul Wellness Center provides chiropractic services with Dr. Larry Zaleski and counselling services with Sue Mistretta, M.A. C.C.C. Check our new online calendar for office hours, workshops, classes, and special events. Keep your eyes open for occasional guest facilitators offering enlightening workshops on topics of wellness, personal growth, spirituality, healing and creativity.

Our primary focus is to serve our clients by assisting them in removing obstacles and interferences to experiencing health and well-being. Secondly, our purpose is to support people in making healthy life-enhancing choices and in taking greater responsibility for their own health and well-being.

Our main practitioners include a Licensed Chiropractor and Canadian Certified Counsellor.

Our Services

Online Counselling
Online Counselling
  On-line Counselling After completing a comprehensive training program in ‘Cybercounselling’ through the University of Toronto, Sue is also providing On-line counselling services using state of the art “privacemail” software for secure-encrypted e-mail and chat exchanges. Sue is skilled and experienced in listening and responding to her clients needs using traditional counselling techniques as well…
Larry Zaleski DC
Larry Zaleski DC
Larry Zaleski, D.C. has been a chiropractor in practice for over 28 years. He graduated from Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic (South Carolina, USA) in 1981. He ran a successful chiropractic practice from 1983-2000 in Delaware, USA. In 1987, Larry became a national instructor of Network Chiropractic which involved training chiropractors from around the world…
Sue Mistretta M.A.
Sue Mistretta M.A.
Here are some words from Sue about her style and qualifications I possess a natural ability to help you to feel safe in being vulnerable with me. The simple acts of deeply listening and witnessing your experience are especially valuable to me as part of the healing process. I am not quick to just offer…

Online Counselling

Modern technology allows us to take advantage of many services that we find difficult to fit into our busy lives or those who live in rural area and are unable to travel.

Online counselling is safe, secure and confidential.

Our Online Counselling pages offer answers to questions you may have, help is just a click away.

Facility Rentals

Our large modern building offers a variety of rental spaces, from art therapy to yoga. We even have a fully furnished loft apartment for retreats. Contact us at 250-358-2177 or by Email: Soulgarden
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